Awning Graphics & Care

Graphics & Artwork

We can apply graphics and signage to any awning surface. We offer a wide range of hand-painted designs and digital printing options.

Our company has extensive experience in applying custom artwork to a wide range of businesses including restaurants, hotels and retail stores. Our expert craftsman and designers will guarantee that your business will stand out.

Awning Fabric Care

The life of your awning depends a great deal of how you take care of them, so awning fabric should be cleaned regularly. Our sales representatives can offer recommendations and solutions for your awnings care.

We offer a wide range of awning cleaning and care services to rejuvenate, restore and protect your awning.

Powder Coating

Many of our customers require custom finishes to their awning frames to enhance the visual appeal to their awnings.

At The Original Upstate Awnings we strive on fitting our customers needs to each detail of their awning. That is why our innovative powder coating technology is so important in finishing off each awning as well.